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You don't wax? Your loss!

Traditionally, horticulturists trim the leaves of cuttings to reduce transpiration and hence losses from dehydration before the clone has time to generate roots and begin to absorb water.

But covering cuttings to keep the humidity high brings its own problems with mould and fungus infection.

But with PLANT WAX there is another way!

Plant Wax is a water soluble emulsifiable polymer concentrate which can be sprayed on leaves to form a semi-permeable biodegradable layer. Plant Wax can be applied to most plants including flowers, trees and some vegetable crops. Plant Wax reduces the transpiration rate of most plants that are exposed to extreme temperatures. Plant Wax is also ideal in reducing stress throughout the transplant stage. When sprayed on the leaf surface Plant Wax slows down the transpiration rate by as much as 50%, enabling the plant to put more energy into root zone development.

Benefits of using Plant Wax:

* Reduces plant transpiration by up to 50%
* Guards against excessive heat stress
* Assists in reducing transplant shock
* Helps prevent mould and fungal outbreaks.

Directions for use:

Add 250mls of Plant Wax to 750mls of water, and spray leaf surface until run off occurs. Apply every 3 days throughout the propagation stage or when transplanting.

Warning: Plant Wax should not be used on edible food crops that are in the fruiting or flowering stages. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Always wash hands after using.

CODE: 20405
ITEM: PLANT WAX 5 LITRE (Limits Transpiration Rate)

20405 PLANT WAX 5 LITRE (Limits Transpiration Rate) BIN 75.00