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Hydro Masta Store Guide- It's easy to shop in our store, here's how...

Shop with, or without becoming a member

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A. From the Online Store menu, first find the items you want, and then select them for purchase with the  Add to Cart  button. Either put the number of each item you want in the adjacent box, or hit the "Add to Cart" button that many times and the system will register it.

B. View what's in your cart at: Shopping Cart: Login |View Cart|Checkout|Members Only. Make any changes to your order, or delete items from the order on this page. For more details see:  3. View Cart 

C. Next, go to the page Shopping Cart: Login |View Cart|Checkout|Members Only where you can use the button  Create Account , or if you choose not to join go straight to the next page tab  2. Checkout 

 Checkout  is where you can now give us the address where you'd like to recieve your order, and an email address we can send the invoice to.

Either create a customer account, or buy casually without one; it's your choice. But remember:
Becoming a member saves you... $ $ $ $ $

The more you buy, the more you save! As a casual purchaser you will only see the full retail pricing (without discounts), but once you create a customer account, all your purchases will go toward your discount pricing. Signed in members will see the discount prices they are entitled to!

To find out about member discounts and other benefits, go to the tab above:  4. Members' login 

Non member

You can proceed directly to the checkout without creating an account.

But if you choose this option none of your user information will be kept in our records, and you will not be able to review your order's status, nor find a record of your previous orders.


To recieve all of your membership benefits, log in at the Members Only page (off the Shopping Cart menu), before you go to the checkout.

You will see your own discount prices, and be able to review all previous orders, as well as recieve updated emails to keep you informed of your order's status.

How to use the checkout

Press  Checkout on the checkout page to see your order.

Here you can also give us details for sending you an invoice and also the delivery address you wish the order sent to.

If you want to change the order at any time, go to View Cart where you can delete or vary the number of items you want. Enter the new number in the box (or zero if you wish to delete the item) and then press  UPDATE .Now the system will use the updated information to compile your invoice when you checkout.

Now that your order is correct, fill out your contact details and then press  Continue  and your order will appear with both Australia Post and our Courier's charges.

Select the one you want and then press  Place Order .

A numbered invoice will be emailed to you, and we will then pack and despatch your order when you have paid by the method you've indicated, Direct Deposit, Money Order, or Paypal.

Don't forget to use the Invoice Number on your payment!

At any time before finally checking out your shopping cart you can use this page to see what you've ordered so far, change the number of any item, or delete items.

Just make the changes you want and hit  UPDATE  for the changes to take effect.

Now you can either proceed to the checkout page, or go back to the store for more items.

Existing members
Log in with your existing account details if you have already created your account with us.

There's no need to give us all your details again, you can order what you want and then go directly to the checkout. An invoice will be emailed to you and the goods despatched within one working day of us recieving payment.

Hydro Masta Membership Discounts
Our system will keep a total of all of your purchases, and you will recieve discounted prices on all items once:
  1. your total expenditure exceeds $3,000 you will automatically recieve 2.5% off
  2. your total expenditure exceeds $4,000 you will automatically recieve 5% off
  3. your total expenditure exceeds $5,000 you will become a VIP member
VIP Membership gets you about 10% off nearly all items in the store. Your VIP status will be assessed each year from the day you are awarded it, and it will remain for one year as long as your total account for the previous 12 months remains at or above $5,000.

As a VIP member, you will only see the special VIP pricing in the store, where almost all items will be heavily discounted for you.

All members also have enhanced tracking of their orders via automated email updates.

You can logout any time from the Shopping Cart menu, where it will show the Logout option.

There are two freight calculators on the Hydro Masta Online Store: one for Australia Post, and one for our courier company.

During checkout, include the postal address where you want the order sent to, and our system will calculate the costs for you when you hit the button at the bottom of the page: "Calculate Freight".

Orders which are postable (acids for example cannot go in the post), will show a postal charge when you checkout, and you can also see the freight charge for the same package with our courier. In this case, you can choose whichever is the lesser. An invoice will be emailed to you with all of your order itemised, and the freight and the handling costs included.

If items are not postable, either because they are too large, or cannot otherwise be put in the post, then we will show the courier charge only.

For really bulky items, (or orders that include such items), we will calculate the freight charges manually, and get you the best price to your area. In this case, we will send your invoice with the manually calculated freight charges (usually within one working day).

Goods will be dispatched as soon as we recieve payment of the account, and don't forget to quote your Invoice Number when transfering funds, as it helps us identify your order.