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Indoor hydroponics is a means of growing good quality plants in areas where conditions are not suitable for normal horticultural practices. indoor plants can be grown better hydroponically Indoor hydroponic methods are already being practiced in facilities in the artic and Antarctic regions. Orchid and african violet growers have already recognised the benefits of indoor hydroponics by manipulating the daylight hours.

Highly populated residential areas are turning to indoor growing to supply themselves with fresh produce due to the lack of space. In America N.A.S.A are looking at indoor hydroponic principles to produce food for future space expeditions. This is mainly due to the minimal water usage and sterile substrates used, as most hydroponic systems recycle the water back to the plant.

beautiful indoor plants grown with hydroponics What are the advantages of indoor hydroponic cultivation?

  1. Year round production can be achieved.
  2. Plants grown indoors grow incredibly fast.
  3. Total control of the environment is achieved.
  4. High yields of top quality.
  5. Plants are usually uniform in size.
  6. Minimum wastage of water, due to recycling.
  7. Plants can be grown much closer together.
  8. Cropping can be increased by 4 to 8 times per year.
  9. Little if any chemical pesticides are used.



beautiful indoor plants grown with hydroponics 

There is a misconception that you need to spend huge amounts of money on indoor hydroponics, this is just not true. A simple indoor hydroponic system can cost very little in relation to what it can produce.

Hydro Masta has an indoor system to suit every price range and crop type.