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DOUBLE HEAT TRAY 40W(with thermostat)

Recommended retail: $245.00

Grow your plants bigger, better, stronger, faster and healthier in any season with the Heat 'n' Grow range of heated propagation trays. A must for the grower who wants to propagate their own plants.

The TPS 040 heated propagation tray holds two seedling and/or drip trays. This 40 Watt tray comes with an in-built 0-40C thermostat for accurate temperature control all year round.

Dimensions: 670mm x 400mm

  • Constructed of a high-impact polystyrene casing.
  • Water resistant (not waterproof).
  • Designed to meet Australian standards.
  • All models come with a two-metre cord and plug.
  • Thermostat models have a temperature accuracy of + to - 3C.
  • Thermostat models come with felt capillary matting.
  • Heated propagation trays are designed for use in conjunction with the Seed and Clone prop kit. This creates a mini-greenhouse effect for ideal growing conditions and optimum propagating results.

    CODE: 19027

    19027 DOUBLE HEAT TRAY 40W(W/THERM) BIN 220.00