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Tired of buying limp, bitter lettuce or flavourless, weedy looking herbs from the local supermarket?

Well Hydro Masta has the answer: "GROW YOUR OWN AT HOME".

This salad farm bench can grow 96 plants of various types and at various stages of development. You will have a continuous supply of fresh chemical free produce year round. The average lettuce grown this way takes about 4 to 5 weeks to be salad bowl ready where as in soil it would take about 8 to 10 weeks.

Let's do the sums

If you grew say a Butter Head lettuce variety that is currently getting $4.90 in the produce section of your local supermarket and then multiply this by 96 plants (the salad bench capacity), this equals $470.40 per crop of your hard earned that you are saving.

Multiply this by the 9 or 10 crops per year, and you are looking at almost $4233.00 give or take, that you have saved. All this for an ongoing consumable cost of only, wait for it... $0.02 per head of lettuce.

Now I bet you are saying I couldn't eat that much lettuce, so why not give them away or sell the extras to your family, friends or neighbours? Talk about a passive income!

The 3 Metre Salad Farm bench is ideal for large back yards or roof top gardens, you can grow lettuce, herbs or any salad type crops.

This package is a typical NFT system and uses the capillary method of feeding the plants. A few watts of 240V power will be required for this system, or alternatively, it can be adapted to run on solar energy.

Suitable crops - Lettuce or salad greens and herbs. Plant sites - 96

Area required - 3m x 1.2m

Package includes - 8 gullies, feedline, drainbox, support stand, water pump (fully submersible), Tank, Reusable hydro pots, hydroponic media and plant food.

Also included in the above package is a complimentary copy of the book "Hydroponic Gardening" and the video "Hydroponics Explained"

But wait!! That's not, all if you purchase NOW we will also include 12 months supply of lettuce seedlings totally Free!!

CODE: 11302
ITEM: MINI FARM SALAD BENCH 3m X 8 ROW Complete (96 Plant Capacity)

11302 MINI FARM SALAD BENCH 3m X 8 ROW Complete (96 Plant Capacity) BIN 2195.00