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Hydro Masta's PNG Project: From Seed to Supermarket

Starting in March 2010 Hydro Masta has begun a new hydroponic venture for a forward looking publicly listed company in PNG who wish to supply fresh salad greens for their supermarket chain.

Watch the project take form in the videos below, or for low bandwidth viewers, see the slide show lower on the page.

Stage 1: Laying out the site, installing the feed pipes, drain pipes and stands

This installation is a 24 bench NFT pilot system, initially for lettuce and herbs, with a capacity of 4,000 plants. Later expansions will see a wide variety of salad greens and herbs grown on their site in Port Moresby, picked and packed fresh for daily distribution to their stores. Hydro Masta has undertaken the project to not only install the equipment, but to take the produce from seed to the market shelf. This involves training staff and liaising with local suppliers to make this a 'turn key' project for the PNG company.



Stage 2: Completing the installation and planting the benches

A tour of the installation, tank room, propagation room, and the first plants going into the system.



Stage 3: The first harvest, July 2010.

Picking, packing and delivering the first fresh packs to Central, Port Moresby.






Slide Show

Here's a slide show from the above video for low bandwidth use. Click on the first thumbnail image to bring up the full size slide show window. Use the start arrow > on the top right of the viewer window to start the slide show, or the left/right buttons to navigate the gallery: